Technological development and globalisation open up to new business opportunities. Data is a central part and the extent of data collected, analysed and shared has increased dramatically. In today’s digital economy, personal data has become an important asset.

The team is highly skilled and experienced, and many of the lawyers have worked with privacy and information security for more than a decade. Our broad experience with the sector and technology enables us to provide you and your business with the right advice, at the right time.

Our cross-functional team has assisted a number of the largest corporations in Norway, and some of the world’s leading technology companies, on issues of privacy. We have customers from almost all markets, including ICT, telecom, financial services, governmental organisations, retail, manufacturing, media and healthcare.

We value knowledge and sharing of knowledge, and our lawyers actively participate on national and international arenas and are genuinely interested in keeping up with market trends and important “game-changers”.

Our range of services include

  • Giving advice and assisting during planning, development and launch of new services, applications and products – we can ensure your solution meets “privacy by design” requirements
  • Giving advice on end-user marketing and the thin red line of privacy in e.g. marketing, digital channels and the use of personal profiles
  • Cooperating with customers on privacy issues related to “the Internet of Things”, cloud services, SaaS and complex IT projects
  • Assisting national and international corporations with the establishment of systems and the transfer of personal information across companies and borders
  • Advicing on binding corporate rules (BCR) and EU model / clauses
  • Assisting with agreements on data storage, administration and transfer and forms of consent
  • Writing privacy policies, cookie disclaimers and other relevant documentation
  • Advicing on the establishment of internal routines, accounting and guidance to information security requirements
  • Advicing on applications for concession and the communication with authorities