Employment and pension

Our team of highly rated employment lawyers make out one of the largest teams in Norway, covering all areas of collective and individual employment law. 

Skill and legal competence is a core value and we are active members of several Norwegian and international employment law and pension associations. 

Our cross-functional team assist a number of Norway’s largest employers in both the public and private sectors as well as overseas companies, and we have long experience with management support and advice to HR. This broad experience and extensive knowledge base give our customers access to “best practice” and updated insight. 

Special industry knowledge and extra resources are available through close collaboration with people affiliated with the firm’s other areas of expertise. The objective of this internal cooperation is to achieve a better focus on the customer’s interests in all areas. 

The team is the strongest legal team I have been working with

Legal 500 2022 

We advise on

Individual employment law

  • Formulation and interpretation of employment agreements 
  • Competition clauses 
  • Incentive schemes; bonuses and options agreements 
  • International employment law; work placement/secondment 
  • Working hours, overtime, sick pay and holidays 
  • Working environment/HSE requirements; non-discrimination provisions and whistle blowing Investigations/inquiries 
  • Restructuring, downsizing, in-sourcing and outsourcing, acquisitions and mergers 
  • Termination of employment arrangements; termination agreements, redundancies, dismissal 
  • Occupational injury 
  • Protection of privacy and control measures 
  • Business transfers 
  • Litigation in the event of disputes 

Pension law

  • Individual pension agreements 
  • Collective pension agreements; company pensions and defined-contribution pensions 
  • Changes to and cancellation of pension schemes 
  • Management of pension schemes in the event of business transfers 
  • Contractual (AFP) pension schemes 
  • Litigation 

Collective employment law 

  • Collective agreements 
  • Negotiations and dispute resolution 
  • Litigation before the Labour Court of Norway and National Wages Board