News / 05.07.2021

Gigante Salmon admitted to trading on Euronext Growth Oslo

Author(s) Cornelius Sogn Ness & Bjørn Sørgård

We congratulate Gigante Salmon AS with the successful completion of a NOK 222 million private placement and listing on Euronext Growth Oslo, having its first day of trading today.

It has been a pleasure for Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS to be acting as legal adviser to Gigante Salmon in connection with the private placement and listing process. Team Haavind has comprised Cornelius Sogn Ness, Ragnar Gundersen Koffeld, Tone Grivi, Bjørn Sørgård and Helen Xu.

Gigante Salmon is a land-based salmon farming company with its first production facility under construction on Lille Indre Rosøya in Rødøy, Norway. The company’s aquaculture concept is based on a flow-through system, combining the benefits of conventional and land based aquaculture while simultaneously eliminating issues associated with conventional, sea based, farming, i.e sea lice and escapes as well as reduced mortality, emissions, feed waste and impact on nearby surroundings.

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