Our multidisciplinary team has extensive expertise in acquisitions of both listed and unlisted companies, structured sales processes, joint ventures, all forms of capital market transactions, leveraged finance and restructurings. 

We work closely with the other in-house industry specialists, offering service across multiple sectors. 

As a result of the many international transactions, we also have ongoing cooperation with a wide network of international law firms. We assist listed companies, securities firms and mutual and buyout funds, advising on the full range of capital market transactions. Our lawyers have also worked as consultants on several of the major acquisitions carried out recent years on the Norwegian stock exchange. We advise regularly on IPOs, issues and various forms of hybrid financing and give ongoing advice to listed companies, institutional investors and other stakeholders on handling of inside information disclosure requirements, disclosure and notification. 

Our team assists lenders, borrowers, issuers, insurance companies, asset managers and other stakeholders with framework conditions and all forms of external financing, including syndicated financing of real estate, ships, rigs and aircraft. 

We also advise on comprehensive and tailored acquisition and project finance, bonds, operational financing, leasing, financial restructuring, derivatives and long-term energy purchase agreements. 

The legislation related to financial and capital markets are subject to continuous change and development, partly as a result of the regulatory processes at EU-level through the internal European market for financial services. We stay up-to-date on regulatory changes within the financial and capital markets, including changes expected from recent initiatives raised by the European capital union. 

Our lawyers are experienced from participating in the preparation of draft amendments to stock exchange and securities legislation in connection with the implementation of the EU action plan for financial services. 

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