Katrine Hverven Sontum is Haavind’s new COO and leads the company in collaboration with our Managing Partner. She also leads Haavind’s units within business support, including Finance, HR, Market, Administration and IT.

Katrine has extensive experience as a manager at the top level, with significant responsibility relating to budgets, results, customers and employees. She has a background as a lawyer with additional education in governance and management, and for the past ten years has worked at Coor Service Management AS (Coor) as part of the senior management team. As head of HR, Legal, Payroll and Communications/Marketing in Coor with both legal, strategic and operational responsibility for the departments, Katrine has acquired considerable knowledge of business development and management.

Katrine also has extensive experience as a lawyer in contract law, negotiations, company transactions and integrations, investigation and strategic advice for both the customer and supplier side.