Media and entertainment

Our team is among the leading legal advisers in the sector, with highly competent and experienced lawyers in media, IPR, privacy and marketing. 

In us, you will get a partner who quickly understands the challenges facing you and you business. Together we will find solutions.

We believe in finding solutions and operate in speed with the rapidly developing market. Our cross-functional team have the flexibility and adaptability necessary to ensure that you succeed in a sector subject to constant changes. 

By providing good solutions we will ensure that you are competitive and growing in a demanding sector where business models and framework are constantly changing. 

Development is proceeding at full speed for the players in the media market. The distribution of various types of content is taking place on an increasing number of technical platforms, often in parallel with one another. 

This provides major opportunities for a wide variety of offerings, including on-demand services for TV, film and music, and new methods of distribution for books, games and entertainment services. At the same time, rights clearance can be complex, and the market is subject to comprehensive regulation. 

Another outcome of the developments is the emergence of new products and services, for example, the increasingly growing market for games and entertainment services. 

However, even in a dynamic industry, fundamental issues concerning framework conditions, protection of privacy and freedom of speech still arise. 

Through our work we have developed a practice which provides broad coverage of the media law field, including issues that are not influenced by the technical development. Fundamental principles such as freedom of information, freedom of speech and opportunities for artistic freedom and creativity are important for many of the institutions and companies we assist. 

We are a dynamic group with a strong commitment to the media, entertainment and sports sectors. We assist future-oriented customers engaged in broadcasting, television distribution, publishing, marketing and communications, games, film production and sporting arrangements 

We advise on

  • Rights clearance for literary and audio-visual works 
  • Contract negotiations 
  • Handling of dispute cases 
  • Legal assessment of manuscripts 
  • Assistance relating to editor and publisher liability 
  • Framework conditions for film production 
  • Assessment of advertising campaigns 
  • Strategies for safeguarding rights 
  • Enforcement of rights 
  • Contact with the authorities 
  • Games and entertainment services