In May 2022, The National Police Directorate gave Haavind the assignment to assess “the weapon” case in Oslo Police District

In May 2022, Haavind was assigned by the National Police Directorate to assess a whistleblowing case in Oslo Police District, which regarded the socalled “Weapon case from 2015–2020, Chief of Police”. The background for the investigation was that a case handler claimed that he had become permanently disabled due to the Police District’s handling of a whistleblowing case.

The mandate from the Directorate regarded both whether notice was given in 2016 and to what degree the handling of any notification was in line with the Working Environment Act and applicable guidelines. Moreover, the subject-matter of the investigation was also whether a notification from the case handler’s lawyer in 2020 was treated in accordance with above-mentioned regulations and guidelines.

Haavind’s report has recently been submitted to the National Police Directorate. The result of the investigation was made public in November. See the police department’s own publishing of the case, where Haavind’s conclusions are mentioned, here: Evalueringsrapporten om varslingen i våpensaken er klar –

Minister of Justice and Public Security, Emilie Enger Mehl, Director of the National Police Directorate, Benedicte Bjørnland and the current Chief of Police in Oslo, Beate Gangås, as well as the Norwegian Police Union, have all emphasized that Haavind’s report shall form part of the work to improve the whistleblowing guidelines of the Norwegian police and how these guidelines are used in practice.

The assessment has been carried out by Haavind’s department for Employment by lawyers Sten Foyn (responsible lawyer) and Kristina S. Nymo, with assistance from several colleagues in Haavind.

Haavind appreciates the trust from the National Police Directorate to handle this important matter.

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