Proptech creates new opportunities and issues in construction and real estate

The construction and property industry is undergoing major changes, where new concepts for how we live and work are emerging. A big driver of this is proptech. In recent years, the industry has experienced exponential growth. In the first half of 2022 alone, over NOK 140 billion was invested in proptech globally.

Today, proptech can be divided into three main teams

  • Technology that connects buildings with the city
  • Fintech that creates simpler processes for transactions/lending etc.
  • New concepts based on the sharing economy

We assist funds, proptechs and property agents Like any other innovation, proptech must be adapted to current regulations, which are also developed and influenced by new technology. In addition, everything from the establishment of large data centers to the use of drones can trigger hitherto untested legal issues. Our team assists large funds that want to invest, proptech companies, as well as real estate stakeholders that want to adopt proptech.

We assist with

  • Take advantage of the opportunities in the existing portfolio.
  • Preparation of legal models and negotiations
  • Sustainability / ESG
  • Planning and building law issues
  • Privacy Technology issues Venture / M&A Finance
  • Implementation of co-working and co-living models