News / 02.02.2021

The Haavind Pharma Report celebrates its five-year anniversary

Author(s) Håkon Austdal & Vebjørn Krag Iversen

The Winter Edition 2021 marks the 5-year anniversary of Haavind’s Pharma Report, our biannual report where we take a retrospective look at some of the last years legal developments relevant for the pharmaceutical sector.

1000x640 pharma report winter 2021

Our first Pharma Report was published in January 2016 and was a retrospective view on the legal events that happened in Norway in 2015.  Focusing mainly on developments in regulatory affairs and intellectual property rights, Haavind has consistently published Pharma Report twice a year since launch of the first edition, and as long-time readers will notice, the publication has been true to its original format.

In this edition, which covers relevant developments occurring during the second half of 2020, you can read about the recent Supreme Court case on employee’s inventions, as well as the landmark ruling from the CJEU on cannabidiol. You can also read about the new Norwegian Act on protection of trade secrets and get a brief look at the EU’s new Pharmaceutical Strategy.