News / 04.02.2020

The Haavind Pharma Report Winter 2020

Author(s) Håkon Austdal & Vebjørn Krag Iversen

In the Pharma Report Winter 2020, we take a retrospective look at some of the legal developments during the second half of 2019 in the Norwegian pharmaceutical sector.

Read and download the Pharma Report Winter 2020 to learn more about the proposed legislative changes to combat medicinal shortages, which have plagued Norway for several years.

Also in the Report, we discuss whether so-called «arrow declarations» may be used in patent cases, and the status of SPC-waivers in Norway so far. We will also cover the latest legal developments within off-label use.

Haavind’s Pharma Report is a retrospective report on legal developments in Norway relevant for the pharmaceutical sector. Our report is published twice a year, and focuses in particular on relevant developments within regulatory affairs and intellectual property. As with our previous reports published since 2016, we are pleased to present a retrospective view on the most significant legal developments that occurred during the second half of 2019.

Haavind Pharma Report Winter

Haavind’s Health and Life Science team continuously and closely monitors developments in Norway relevant to the pharma sector. If you wish to discuss how your business can best meet the legal challenges of this innovative and highly regulated sector, you are always welcome to contact us.