News / 21.03.2019

Haavind contributes to the “Brexit Cross-Border Mergers” Global Guide 2019

Author(s) Tormod Fjellgård

The report provides a picture of how Norway might allow mergers with UK companies after Brexit without effecting the statutory merger process under the Cross-border Mergers Directive.

In the latest Thomson Reuters Global Guide, “Brexit Cross-Border Mergers”, authors Simen Klevstrand, Herman Bondeson and Sten Foyn address the various scenarios played out by either a deal or “no-deal” brexit.


Brexit Cross-Border Mergers Global Guide 2019

By answering questions on legal regulations concerning mergers between UK and Norwegian companies and sharing insight on tax and financial implications, the Guide provides a useful tool for companies preparing to do business in Norway.

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  • Tormod Fjellgård

    Marketing and Communication

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