News / 07.05.2021

White Paper on Norwegian Energy Resources to be released on 11 June

Author(s) Nicolai Heyerdahl

The Norwegian Government has recently notified that the expected White Paper on long-term value creation from Norwegian energy resources will be released on 11 June 2021.


The White Paper will address the land-based power system as a whole and the future electrification of Norway. Furthermore, the White Paper will also address future-oriented industries and technologies such as offshore wind on the Norwegian continental shelf, and also a road map for future hydrogen production. For offshore wind in particular, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will at the same time release the long expected guide related to the licensing process for offshore wind projects. We are looking forward to see how the Norwegian Government will address the topics at hand!

Link to the press release (in Norwegian only): Stortingsmeldingen om langsiktig verdiskaping fra norske energiressurser legges frem 11. juni –