Mathias K. Hauglid becomes part of our technology environment

Mathias becomes a senior lawyer in our technology environment after submitting his legal doctoral thesis on artificial intelligence at the law faculty at UiT.

Since 2019, Mathias has been a doctoral student at the Faculty of Law at UiT. He now starts as a Senior Lawyer in Haavind in the business area of technology, media and intellectual property law.

We are very happy that Mathias has returned to us after completing his PhD. Through his doctoral thesis, he has a unique specialist expertise in artificial intelligence. In addition, he has knowledge of the entire technology field and can assist with broad strategic advice.

Kari Gimmingsrud, Partner in the Technology, Media and IPR practice and leads Haavind`s data protection team. 

Mathias assists enterprises in various sectors with projects involving the development, implementation, or acquisition of information technology.

He also provides assistance in a wide range of matters within the healthcare sector and the media and entertainment industry.

Mathias specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and submitted a legal doctoral thesis on medical AI in November 2023. He has contributed to several interdisciplinary research articles on artificial intelligence and language models, which have been published or accepted by reputable international journals.

Mathias’s extensive research and advisory roles in AI development projects have equipped him with a profound technical and practical understanding of the field, complemented by his expertise in current and upcoming regulations. He is a sought-after speaker both in Norway and internationally, focusing on topics like artificial intelligence, risk assessments, data protection, and EU legislation.

His is particularly experienced with health technology projects and healthcare law. For Karnov Group Norway, he has authored legal commentaries on the medical devices act, the health personnel act, and the health research act.

I am happy to join talented colleagues at Haavind again. It is extra fun to come back to Haavind’s technology environment at a time when digitization is moving into a new and exciting phase driven by developments in artificial intelligence.

Mathias K. Hauglid, Senior Lawyer

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