Jenny Engström specialises in corporate law and M&A. 

She works with commercial contracts, company law issues and transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. 

She works especially with: 

  • Buying and selling companies and businesses  
  • Joint ventures  
  • Mergers and demergers  
  • Reorganizations and restructurings  
  • Preparation and amendment of commercial agreements and contracts General company law and strategic advice  

She has experience in assisting large and medium-sized companies, both in Norway and internationally. 

Jenny Engström has a broad knowledge of English contract and company law and the English legal system in general, having completed her legal training in the UK. She has four years experience as a journalist in London, where she worked for a number of publications, including the North West London Newspapers and The Evening Standard. 

Her work as a reporter has won her several nominations, a Special Commendation by Amnesty International and a Scoop of the Year gold award at the British Newspaper Society Awards in 2008.