News / 08.05.2019

Haavind publishes the Media Law Review 2019

Author(s) Andreas Bernt

In the latest edition of the Media Law Review, we take a closer look at the last 12 months' stream of legislative developments relevant for the media business.

In an ever-changing media sector, the legislators and courts are trying to make legislation and decisions appropriate for a digital reality.

The last 12 months have given us a redemption of the traditional media, who has delivered high profile investigative journalism with serious consequences. Data driven journalism is on the rise, with cases having consequences even for elected public figures.

At the same time, media outlets have also been subject to close scrutiny for their journalistic practice.

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In the report, produced by #haavindtech, we take a closer look at what has been a very busy year for regulators and legislations, in their attempts to catch up with the rapid development and digitalisation of the media industry.

Focusing on developments in national law, we look into the consequences of the proposed new rules for VAT related to electronic media, new legislation on the taking and sharing of photos and film in social media, and the effort to try to block advertisements for foreign gambling services on TV channels broadcasted into Norway.

In addition, we sum up a string of interesting court decisions on topics such as freedom of speech, copyright and licensing in different areas of the media sector.

Drawing the line of what constitutes media law is not always straightforward. The area crosses paths with IPR, human rights, technology- and competition law. At #haavindtech, we have combined all these disciplines in one collective and forward-thinking team. Read more about us here.