News / 06.05.2019

Haavind takes the lead in fisheries and aquaculture: Ida Espolin Johnson and Bjørn Sørgård join as partners


With the addition of Ida and Bjørn, Haavind secures a position as a leading advisor in the fisheries and aquaculture industry.

Ida and Bjørn are highly recognized attorneys who, throughout their careers, have built strong reputations as specialists in law pertaining to fishing and aquaculture.

We are very pleased to welcome Ida and Bjørn to Haavind. We look forward to working with them to further develop our position as the leading firm for fisheries and aquaculture customers. Particularly in conjunction with our specialization in offshore and maritime law. Preben Brecke, Managing Partner.


The fisheries and aquaculture industry is experiencing strong growth, driven by advances in technology, increased market demand and consolidations. Suppliers to the industry are also experiencing strong growth and a high level of innovation.

As interaction between companies in ocean-based industries increases, new legal issues and opportunities arise. It is crucial that there is a legal framework in place that will allow for further innovation and continued growth.

Bjørn and Ida have unparalleled industry knowledge, and many years of experience advising clients within fishing and aquaculture. Haavind looks forward to working with them to further develop and strengthen its position within this segment.