News / 14.10.2019

Partner Brøndmo in panel at IBA on offshore wind farms

Author(s) Tormod Fjellgård

Offshore wind power was a hot topic at the IBA conference, where Brøndmo participated in an international panel on offshore wind farms.

The Norwegian Bar Journal (“Advokatbladet”) was present at the IBA conference in Seoul, and had a talk with Brøndmo after the panel on offshore wind farms. Read the full interview here (Norwegian).

Haavind has the legal professions’ leading team of specialists in offshore-based industries, including oil and gas, offshore wind energy, and fisheries and aquaculture, and have been part of the sector’s development for a number of years. Brøndmo’s participation in the panel is a natural consequence of his extensive experience in the field since 2012. Read more on “Haavind Sea” here.

  • Tormod Fjellgård

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