Public procurement

Public procurement

Our team is one of the strongest in its field in Norway, with lawyers including the former Chair of the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA), holder of the position for nine years, and a former Public Procurement Manager with the Attorney General of Civil Affairs. A team devoted to public procurement, always at hand to help and give you advice.

Our team of lawyers are actively engaged in information sharing on both public and private arenas and share valuable insight through newsletters and seminars.

Haavind’s team has a unique commercial knowledge of the construction industry and knowledge of the industry’s complex contracts. The knowledge of the industry, as well as their professional weight in public procurement, makes Haavind a natural partner in large complex contracts that are procured in accordance with the Public Procurement Regulations.

The Legal 500_kvadrat

The Legal 500 (2021) – Tier 1

The dedicated and experienced personnel has built a broad range of services by working with key suppliers to the public sector and through framework agreements with clients such as the Norwegian National Rail Administration, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Avinor AS, the Norwegian Agricultural Authority, the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund and Sporveien Oslo AS.

Our team will assist you in all stages of the procurement process

  • Advice on choice of procurement strategy and type of competition
  • Assistance in preparing tender documents
  • Quality assurance of documents the client himself has prepared
  • Publishing of invitations to tender, and notices of intention to award a contract
  • Quality assurance of tender response packages
  • Assistance in questions concerning the evaluation of qualification requirements, award criteria, rejection, cancellation, disclosure and complaints
  • Drafting or handling of complaints
  • Actions for Interim measures
  • Processing of cases for the Complaints Board (KOFA)
  • Drafting and handling of claims for compensation, including litigation