The world of media evolves rapidly and the market is experiencing significant change. In addition to new challenges and opportunities, fundamental matters such as freedom of information and expression, invasion of privacy and protection of privacy still exist; both practically and theoretically important.

Our cross-functional team of lawyers have the knowledge and experience to assist and give advice on these fundamental matters but at the same time lead the field in innovation and new development.

Our team has the expertise to give advice and assistance on a wide range of matters related to book publishing and film and/or TV production, and when needed we set up the necessary interdisciplinary teams to find a solution best for you and your business.

The value and work from Haavind is outstanding in all matters. They have in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience in the industry and technology - and apply this in an extraordinarily diligent manner. Their spirit and drive is highly positive, solution-oriented and energetic.

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Chambers and Partners (2021) – Band 2

Our customers incude distributors of audio-visual content, publishers, media houses and producers of film and TV content, and our consulting includes the regulatory framework for films, broadcasting and the press, and the regulations related to marketing and advertising.

We help our clients with

  • Broadcasting and TV distribution
  • Film and TV production
  • Radio business
  • Publication in the press and in literature
  • Games and entertainment services
  • Sponsor and advertising business