Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

The field of intellectual property rights (IPR) is wide, covering everything from high-tech patents to brands and media productions.

What is certain is that expertise and reputation is defined as a critical asset, secured through intellectual property rights. Through strategic consulting, our competent and experienced team assist business and industry in creating and maintaining value.

A good IPR strategy creates value, secures positions and revenue, and helps keep the competitors at a correct distance.

Effective use of enforcement of intellectual property rights has never been more important for business, industry and institutions. In the global and national competition, intellectual property rights are a key factor promoting success and survival.

Very easy to work with and pragmatic

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The rules in this field are constantly changing in order to keep up with the development. Good assistance requires cutting-edge expertise. Our extensive efforts in this field mean that we follow the development carefully and have one of the country’s leading milieu in the protection of rights.

At any given time, we are working on cases and clients who deal with patents, corporate secrets, trademarks, design, copyright and marketing. Through targeted work and specialisation, we have achieved special expertise in the areas of intellectual property, market and media law.

Our cross-functional team believe in close cooperation with the customer and that active involvment enables good advice. Major Norwegian and foreign players make use of our services to ensure, enforce and preserve their rights and we are especially well-known for our work with complex litigation in this area.

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We give advice and assist with

  • Conduct of dispute proceedings
  • Enforcement of rights
  • IPR strategies customised to specific businesses
  • Transactions and agreements that cover IPR
  • Negotiations and licensing and franchise agreements
  • Research and development cooperation
  • Clearance of copyrights
  • Infringement of rights and breach of good business practices
  • Administration of rights portfolios
  • Regulatory matters
  • Contact with authorities