Haavind Digital

Digital transformation creates new opportunities and conditions for our customers, and also changes how we work in Haavind. Technology and digitalisation are at the core of our business.

Our philosophy is that technology should be used to serve humans, not the other way around. Digital solutions should simplify our work and help us provide better services more efficiently.

Below is an overview of some of the digital tools Haavind uses, and the development measures we have taken to ensure we deliver the most relevant and effective legal services possible.

Haavind Cortex
We ensure high-quality and efficient use of resources by automating how agreements and documentation are structured. Read more

Haavind Collaborate
Online project spaces, where everyone in a project can easily access information. Tasks can also be assigned and followed up via the system. Haavind Collaborate is used in disputes, transactions, investigations, acquisitions and other larger projects.
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Haavind Data Suite
A digital space where company information can be reviewed, giving all parties access to documents via a simple interface and thereby increasing efficiency. Read more

Haavind Client Portal
By channeling communication and exchange of information through our client portal, clients have a clear overview of cases and associated costs. Read more

Haavind E-discovery
The E-discovery tools streamline the task of reviewing large numbers of documents, cutting down on time and cost in cases related to larger disputes or investigations.
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Haavind Model
We are committed to planning and organizing our workplan in cooperation with our client. The Haavind Model provides structure to the processes involved in a case.
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