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Approximately 70% of Norway’s export revenues are derived from aquaculture and the marine industries, and the country has a unique position worldwide within several offshore industry segments. These are constantly evolving, and play a major role in Norway’s growth as a modern, technology-driven economy.

The industry is now looking ahead to ensure sustainable utilization of its natural resources. As new opportunities and markets continue to develop, collaboration and transferring of technology and skills across industry segments will be important.

Haavind has the legal professions’ leading team of specialists in offshore-based industries. Our attorneys are experts and trusted advisors to clients within oil and gas, offshore wind energy, and fisheries and aquaculture.

The marine industries are in an exciting time of change. Each segment has much to learn from the others, by transferring world-leading knowledge and applications of technology. Haavind ensures that the leading expertise and experience we have across different marine industry segments benefit our clients. One way we do this is through close collaboration and knowledge-sharing.


Christopher L. Sveen

The shift toward sustainability is also affecting marine industries. If properly invested, it can become a catalyst for further development of the Norwegian coast’s industrial adventure.

Suppliers to the industry, their partners and interdisciplinary collaboration are key to the development of sustainable solutions and technology.

Haavind has seen that interaction between different marine industry players leads to new legal issues arising, such as ownership of data, licensing rights, labour regulations and the design of the customs and tax regime.

In order to achieve further innovation and growth in the industry, we must have a legal framework that reflects the developments happening in marine industries.

In the future, developments in the marine industry will provide increased opportunities for new goods and services and form the basis for new business. The accompanying regulatory developments and harmonization between the different ocean-based industry segments will place new demands on business. With our in-depth understanding of the legal framework, together with our unique industry knowledge, Haavind is a leading adviser to clients in this sector - and will continue to be so in the future.


Bjørn Sørgård

Fisheries and aquaculture

The fisheries and aquaculture industry are experiencing a high activity level, especially due to the use of new technologies, market developments and consolidations. The industry also includes a very large supplier segment, which is experiencing strong growth and a high degree of innovation.

We know the industry well, and are well-experienced in advising customers within the fisheries and aquaculture industry.

Our lawyers provide legal assistance related to regulatory issues, framework conditions, and ongoing operations, and have assisted in many acquisitions and consolidations within the industry in recent years.

Contact the leading partners of Haavind Fisheries and Aquaculture, Bjørn Sørgård or Ida Espolin Johnson.

Technology and IPR

Ocean-based industries in Norway have a long history and are global leaders. When the ocean industries are now characterized by a high pace of innovation and digitization, it is with the ambition of being at the forefront. This places new demands on the players in the industry, and technology development and rights protection become an important premise for ensuring sustainable development and competitiveness.

With one of the country’s leading professional environments in technology, digitalization, and intellectual property rights, we stand beside our clients as they undergo transformation. Our lawyers have a depth of expertise and a commercial view of technology and legal issues related to digitalization.

We actively contribute to finding opportunities that arise during change processes, and ensure that our customers’ competitiveness and advantages are optimized.

Contact Arne Byberg in Haavind Tech or Head of Haavind IPR, Vebjørn Iversen.

With the country's leading professional environment in fisheries and aquaculture, oil and offshore, energy, corporate law and transactions, as well as technology and rights protection, we combine to generate value for our clients. Haavind is reinforcing our joint offering for marine industry clients. Based on our broad industry knowledge and focus on interdisciplinary cooperation, we seek to be the preferred and leading legal advisers to the marine industries.


Preben Brecke


The offshore industry has in recent times changed its position and seeks to become the premier supplier of a greener, smarter and more innovative energy sector. New opportunities are arising in the wake of this shift, such as offshore wind, an area where offshore and wind power play together.

Haavind has one of the nation’s widest and most experienced professional environments in construction and offshore, and our lawyers know the framework conditions of the industry extensively. We are already involved in projects related to offshore wind outside Norway, and when marine industry players focus on the offshore industry, we are exploring the possibilities and facilitating innovation.

Contact Christopher L. Sveen or Mikal Brøndmo.


Organizations within the industry are facing new demands on their existing business models and structures. To maintain their competitive advantages and position themselves for strategic roles in the new and fast-growing industry segments, it is important that players are well-organized and prepared for structural and ownership changes.

The strong development, transformation and value creation in the marine industries will lead to further consolidation in the future. In addition, many of the players are facing a generational change and are attracting strong interest from new potential owner groups and from abroad.

Haavind’s interdisciplinary environment within acquisitions and mergers, corporate law, restructuring and finance, knows the framework conditions and can safely and effectively contribute to value creation for owners and companies undergoing restructuring, acquisitions and mergers.

Together with Norwegian and foreign players, Haavind has carried out some of the largest and most complex transactions in Norway within the marine industries. We assist both family-owned and private equity companies with acquisitions, sales and joint ventures.

Contact Preben Brecke, Ida Espolin Johnson or Tone Grivi in ​​Haavind Corporate.


Technological developments have also made it possible to utilize the sea for more than its traditional purposes. Environmental sustainability is central to the discussion about ocean industry development, also within energy.

New development and increased demand have meant that renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are more able to compete with traditional energy sources.

Value creation in the industry will largely be linked to sustainable development, and with one of the country’s leading professional environments in renewable energy, Haavind will be a natural partner when new opportunities are explored.

With extensive experience and understanding of the industry, our lawyers will stand side-by-side with marine industry clients as they transition toward sustainability.

Contact the Head of Haavind Energy Aksel Tannum or Mari Reitzel Bjerke.