Exam lecture – JUS5630 Privacy and Data Protection

14:00 - 16:00
22.mai 2019

With extensive experience within the subjects of media, technology and intellectual property rights, associates Mathias Karlsen Hauglid and Isak Mendoza will give insight into the GDPR and update the EU case law. Hopefully we will have the time to discuss hypothetical cases to help with practice for the exam, as well.

Did we mention Isak wrote the syllabus article «The right to not be subject to automated decisions based on profiling» in collaboration with Lee Andrew Bygrave?

An opportunity to revise for the exam that you do not want to miss!There will be served free wraps, refreshments and coffee ahead of the lecture. Present yourself to the reception to sign in as a participant upon arrival. There is limited seating, so please make sure to sign up!