Frokostseminar / 04.03.2020

Big data in health: opportunities and challenges in commercialization

Helse og life science

We have the pleasure of inviting to a breakfast seminar about opportunities and challenges with Big Data in the healthcare sector. The seminar is arranged in collaboration with DLI Market Intelligence, the leading supplier of business intelligence for pharmaceutical companies in the Nordics.

The rapid and increasing growth of Big Data is predicted to be a game changer within the healthcare sector. Increased use of Big Data will lead to better health for patients, increased efficiency in healthcare organizations and new possibilities in innovation and product development for the private healthcare sector, including pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. The opportunities for patients, society and enterprises are presented as endless.

However, the opportunities in commercialization of health data do not come without challenges and perils. There are technical, commercial and legal issues worth careful consideration for anyone venturing into this field of big data commercialization.

Together with DLI Market Intelligence, we will give participants increased insights in both commercial, technical and legal perspectives on which opportunities and challenges the healthcare technology industry will face in the future.

Registration and light breakfast will be served from 08:00. The seminar begins at 08.30 and will finish approximately 11:00. The seminar is free to attend. All presentations will be held in English.

We anticipate a high number of registrations, so please do not hesitate to register.


  • Arne Byberg


    Arne Byberg has considerable international experience, having held a number of leading positions in the technology sector. He advices and assists companies within the spectre of technology law, specializing in Tech M&A and contractual matters. Arne’s presentation will focus on data ownership, the emergence of non-personal data and tips for data transaction agreements.

  • Arun Micheelsen, Chief Market Researcher, DLI MI

    Guest Speaker

    Arun has a PhD in sociology and background as researcher at University of Copenhagen and Analytic Advisor at Advice A/S. He supports pharma companies operating in the Nordic region in developing digital services and commercial strategies, and is project lead on insights develop projects including Real World Data and Big Data studies.

  • Mads Obi Bergsten, Data Scientist, DLI MI

    Guest Speaker

    Mads has a Master of Science in Bioinformatics and is experienced in working with Real World Evidence, Big Data, and data infrastructure. He works with projects involving data analysis and -transformation, applying creative ways of thinking when combining information from different data sources to provide new insights for the life science industry and healthcare sector.